(type '/' on your keyboard... and then keep typing)

This is where I want to keep myself. This is where I want to display myself.

As a reminder, I am offline. My self is offline. My art is offline (for the most part). The places I get inspiration are offline. The only reason I go online is to find other people, somewhere out there, who think like me, or think in ways not like me that I want to adopt someday.

Putting myself online is a lifeline. I need to know that I can make things. I need to know that I have the capability to architect my own surroundings, to morph my appearance, to carve the space around me in the image of the things I love. I need to know who I am. I need to show who I am. I don't want to be asked "what do you care about?" and stutter ever again.

oh well...

I think I would be the type of person to code a knitting diagram tool. A gallery of traditional instruments. A point and click adventure. A recipe book for gardening. A visual novel about my home foods. A night market shopping sim. An integral visualization tool. An interactive guide to IPA notation.

not quite programming?

(something about people's chosen gender nonconforming or affirming outfits... interactive chibi icons of taiko... cute icons for ingredients... A quickstart session 0 guide for Dungeons & Dragons. A guide to starting your own improv club.